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Every year, the Foundation awards approximately three scholarship grants in the amount of  $2,500.  These awards, which are announced at our annual Scholarship Dinner, include the  the Annual Andrew Gonzales Scholarship for Leadership to honor our Scholarship Founder and the Annual Daniel V. Hernandez Award for Community Service,in honor of one of our founding members and San Jose Activist.  More scholarships may be awarded as funds are available.
The Foundation provides these grants to encourage and advance the social, cultural, economic and legal equality of minorities. The scholarship grants are available to La Raza students who (1) are from the Bay area (La Raza Lawyers of Santa Clara County will decide on a case by case basis if the student meets this criteria); -OR- (2) attend Santa Clara University, Lincoln Law School, UC Berkeley, University of San Francisco, UC Hastings, Stanford, Golden Gate University, Monterey College of Law, UC Davis, or McGeorge Schools of Law. In addition, the Foundation will also consider activities such as but not limited to community involvement, peer counseling, school activities and financial need.

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